Black Pearl Management and HR Consulting LLC

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Black Pearl is a progressive, dynamic and well structured HR solution provider that offers permanent recruitment services, HR consultancy, psychometric assessments, coaching and also professional training services for clients from different corporate sectors in the Middle East.

Like a rare and unique black pearl, we consider our partnership with our clients and job seekers as a fine, precious and valuable encounter that needs to be affirmed, developed and supported with a strong commitment to deliver not only the right services but the best in the industry.

Our aim is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, strategically offering Black Pearl services that are customized to the unique requirements of our clients and job seekers alike, resulting in effectively achieving goals and all that is required in this ever evolving and competitive market.

Black Pearl has been created and built on a number of core values which has been instrumental to our success. As our company continues to grow, our values will still remain the same. Consistency is a core value that Blank Pearl holds in high regard along with collaboration, commitment, integrity, quality, and accountability.

Black Pearl will always strive to work hard to ensure that our services are delivered in the most efficient and cost effective manner, without compromising the quality of service that best fits our clients' requirements.

To know more about our vacancies, please visit our website: www.blackpearlconsult.com

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