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Our Successful human resources team has been in the staffing industry since February 2003 with the objective of providing quality and excellence recruitment and payroll services. It has achieved a reputation for efficient and personalized excellent service to meet the staffing needs of various industries in the oil and gas industry within the United Arab Emirates from permanent placement, contract and temporary assignments.

We started as a recruitment division within our mother company Gulf Reservoir Modeling Technology “ResModTec” and have served several Oil and Gas companies operating in the Middle East Region. Our recruitment team has made huge strides in a highly competitive recruitment world serving our customers and succeeded in earning a great recognition in the oil and gas sector as a trusted partner to be relied on. Based on these facts, we have decided to launch a recruitment company with the same name to continue offering a high-quality recruitment services: a service that aims to fulfill the regional and local requirements of our customers.

In our pursuit for identifying quality candidates, we have acquired a sophisticated Candidate Database Management System and vast network of resources in enhancing the recruitment process. Our database includes engineers, technicians and operators having great experience in the oil and gas industry from South and North America, Western and Eastern Europe, West and North Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

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