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Samaya Specialized Center is the result of a dream of one group of Physicians who want to provide a high standard and excellent quality of Health Care through centers specializing in Ophthalmology and Dentistry.

Their first project in this regard is Samaya Specialized Center for eye care and dental services .

Samaya Specialized Center for eye care is a state of the art center fully equipped with state of the art eye care equipment capable of dealing with all types of eye and vision problems. It is equipped with Allegreto Eye-Q Blue Line Excimer Laser, PRK, Lasek, Epilasik Femto lasik to perform Lasik and remove the patient's dependence on glasses.

It has all of the facilities required to perform surgery to remove Cataract and implant highly specialized Multifocal Lenses after which patients shall no longer need glasses for distance and reading. Our eye care professionals have UK or USA fellowship certifications and carry vast experience in their respective subspecialties. We have visiting physicians who will bring the most up to date eye care practice patterns currently being followed in UK, Europe USA and Japan for the benefit of local patients.

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