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UAE Coder by Ajyal and Dark Matter

Ajyal and DarkMatter have partnered with Sandooq Al Watan for UAE Coder, a programme that teaches the basics of coding to students between the ages of 7 and 14. After successful completion of the first phase of the programme, with 80 students in Ajman and 130 students in Al Ain, the second ...


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Shehab Alhammadi


Many thanks to Job Abu Dhabi for offering a lot of opportunities to everyone to apply

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How long does it take for my job post to appear on the website?
Vacancies are displayed on the website instantaneously after they are posted.
Is posting jobs on TAMM free?
Yes, employers can sign up and post unlimited number of vacancies for free.
How long will my post stay on the site?
The maximum duration for a vacancy to stay open on TAMM is 60 days. Employers can set a shorter duration, which must match the closing date that was set when the vacancy was created.

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