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Payroll Section Manager

Department of Education and Knowledge - ADEK UAE Posted 2017/02/02 07:04:59 Expires 2017-04-03 779 People have applied Ref: JB1001850302 Source: TAMM

Job Description

To manage and oversee the Payroll Section by assuming overall responsibility for the Section’s functions and activities and ensuring they are performed according to the overall guidelines prescribed by the Department of Finance, and that adequate support is provided to ADEC’s core functions.


As it pertains to ADEC HQ, former zones and public schools: Manage and oversee all processes related to Payroll within the Accounts Section, such as generating salaries, benefits, full & final settlements (EOSB) and pension payments to all the ADEC employees and ensure they are disbursed timely and accurately as per the input provided by the Employee Relations Section; Responsible for the ongoing maintenance and development of accurate and efficient payroll systems and procedures; Review payroll reports generated for various stakeholders (e.g. management, governmental and other external agencies, Department of Finance), identify anomalies (if any), provide recommendations for improved reporting, ensure timely submission and compliance to local and federal guidelines; Oversee the salary remittance process to banks as well as the issuance of pay checks to ADEC employees on a monthly basis and ensure the timely completion of monthly payroll accounting cycle; Coordinate with external agencies on payroll issues (banks, Department of Finance, etc.) and ensure that reports related to the various issues are forwarded to the Division Director; Identify areas of improvement in terms of payroll processes, use of technology etc. and work (in coordination with ICT Division) to implement any changes; Review payroll data for quality assurance purposes; Supervise and overview the daily audit trial; Perform other duties as requested.

Job Details

Job Location UAE
Company Industry Education, Training, and Library
Company Type Government – Local
Job Role Finance
Joining Date 21 February 2020
Number of Vacancies 1
Job code 1001850302/2017

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Career Level Management

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Department of Education and Knowledge - ADEK

United Arab Emirates

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