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Senior Information Security Specialist

Department of Education and Knowledge - ADEK Abu Dhabi, UAE Posted 2016/11/15 06:13:25 Expires 2017-12-28 2120 People have applied Ref: JB1001849838 Source: TAMM

Job Description

To coordinate the overall information security efforts of ADEC as they pertain to HQ, the former zones and public schools. Ensure that all security policies and procedures are in place to protect all confidential data/information/documents under ADEC’s property.


Enforce and monitor the implementation of, and compliance with, the Abu Dhabi Information Security Policy; Develop and manage the implementation of ADEC specific Information Security policies and procedures; Ensure Risk Assessments are conducted on all information systems; Ensure Information Security Plans are developed for all applicable information systems; Ensure implementation of all information security controls, as set forth in the Information Security Plan, to ensure adequate security for the respective system; Ensure the development of plans for the Security Testing and Evaluation of all applicable systems. Such plans shall be executed by qualified and sufficiently independent organizations to determine the extent to which the controls are implemented correctly, operating as intended, and producing the desired outcome with respect to meeting the security risk requirements for the system; Serve as the Certifying Official for low to moderate assurance and/or mission important or supportive systems within the purview of entity, certifying test results and providing accreditation recommendations for approval to operate systems; Provide Information Security technical training based on ADEC’s needs, and ensure consistency with the pan- Governmental training program; Conduct Information Security communications and outreach; Establish appropriate measures to assess operational capabilities and determine compliance and effectiveness levels with the Abu Dhabi and ADEC Information Security Policy and Information Security Standards; Provide an annual report to the Division Director and the ADSIC Information Security Program Manager, on the progress of ADEC’s Information Security program; Ensure that all ADEC contractors and third party organizations achieve adequate security for the protection of sensitive Government information.

Job Details

Job Location Abu Dhabi, UAE
Company Industry Education, Training, and Library
Company Type Government – Local
Job Role Technology
Joining Date 21 February 2020
Number of Vacancies 1
Job code 1001849838/2016

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid-career

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Department of Education and Knowledge - ADEK

United Arab Emirates

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