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Senior Specialist - Private Schools Performance Management "خبرة في الأداء المؤسسي"

Department of Education and Knowledge - ADEK Abu Dhabi, UAE Posted 2017/01/15 05:56:55 Expires 2017-03-16 459 People have applied Ref: JB1001850182 Source: TAMM

Job Description

*Position Title: Senior Specialist - Private Schools Performance Management *Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in education or related discipline *Experience:  Nationals: 2 years’ experience in performance management in a rapidly improving modern education system and transformational teaching in a high performing school or schools;  Direct experience in more than one educational system/curriculum;  Demonstrated skill in performance management in an educational context;  Bilingual (English/Arabic) preferred. *Job Objective - To assist in the goal setting and performance tracking of the PSQA Sector, setting high standards through policy and plan design; and using performance findings to formulate new measures to help ensure improved Sector performance and private schools and student learning outcomes. Functional Role: - Provide informal professional and technical guidance to Specialists and review their work for accuracy/quality as requested; - Contribute to the development and updating of the PSQA Strategic and Master Plans in a way which is aligned to the private school policy vision and ADEC’s overall objectives/goals; - Design the goals, targets and KPIs of the private education policy and strategic and master plans; - Ensure that goals/targets are embedded/integrated in all performance tracking processes; - Develop a system which monitors the performance of the P-12 private education sector against the goals and targets specified in plans and policies; - Actively implement the performance management system; seek/collect data from schools/institutions/teachers/staff/students; analyse feedback/performance data as a basis for making recommendations to improve the private education sector in the Emirate; - Apply a variety of sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques to ensure a thorough and accurate interpretation of private educational performance; - In collaboration with Planning Specialist, use performance data to compare performance v planning data applicable to the Sector. Identify key findings and conduct a GAP analysis as a basis for re-evaluating/re-instating targets and goals; conduct all goal setting exercises with the view of transforming and enhancing private educational capabilities within the Emirate; - Evaluate/revise and/or reinstate plan/policy targets based on performance capabilities and other influential factors; proposed amendments to Section Manager; - Analyze existing and present plans for private education in the Emirate, and ensure the alignment of educational objectives between all educational Sectors (P-12 Policy, Higher Education, TaPE etc); develop and modify plans to ensure consistency and continual improvement; - Perform other duties as requested.


- Knowledge of Performance Management - Proactive Decision Making Skills - Information Communication Technology Skills - Data Analysis Skills - Conflict Resolutions Skills - Presentation Skills - Communication and Relationship Management Skills - Risk Management Skills - Change Management Skills


Any relevant major

Job Details

Job Location Abu Dhabi, UAE
Company Industry Education, Training, and Library
Company Type Government – Local
Job Role Other
Joining Date 21 February 2020
Employment Status Full time
Employment Type Permanent
Number of Vacancies 1
Job code 1001850182/2017

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid-career
Years of Experience Min: 2
Residence Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Gender Male
Nationality United Arab Emirates
Degree/Education level Bachelor

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Department of Education and Knowledge - ADEK

United Arab Emirates

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