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Senior Specialist – Vendor Agreements

Department of Education and Knowledge - ADEK UAE Posted 2017/02/01 06:19:43 Expires 2017-04-02 491 People have applied Ref: JB1001850290 Source: TAMM

Job Description

To research, identify and develop with End-Users opportunities for the application of Long Term Price Agreements and Master Service Call-Off Agreements that allow ADEC to aggregate demand and gain benefits in performance through quantity purchases and the reduction of administrative costs.


Functional Role: Provide informal professional and technical guidance to Specialists and review their work for accuracy/quality as required; As it pertains to ADEC HQ, the former zones and public schools: Participate in identifying vendors to respond to RFPs (as designed by Purchasing Section); Provide input into RFP design by identifying vendor criteria and requirements; Review vendor proposals against RFPs; assess strengths, weaknesses, competitiveness, value, ability to meet needs and overall criteria; Lead vendor selection process with support of Purchasing Section and (Senior) Specialist(s) – Vendor Management; Drive development of vendor KPIs and SLAs and consult with Purchasing Section to ensure their integration in contracts (via Legal Affairs Division); Design vendor performance management system which tracks performance and facilitates constructive feedback to long term partners (vendors/contractors); Establish vendor performance database which logs performance of all ADEC vendors on a frequent basis; Assess the performance of vendors against KPIs, record progress and provide timely feedback to vendor and follow up accordingly; Support Section Manager in various tasks as required and regularly report on the activities/progress of operations/projects; Coordinate with FAMS/Expediting Supervisor to ensure that all general and expediting support requirements are fulfilled;

Job Details

Job Location UAE
Company Industry Education, Training, and Library
Company Type Government – Local
Job Role Purchasing
Joining Date 21 February 2020
Number of Vacancies 1
Job code 1001850290/2017

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Career Level Mid-career

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Department of Education and Knowledge - ADEK

United Arab Emirates

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