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Technical Instructor

ETIHAD Khalifa City, UAE Posted 2019/06/19 03:58:28 Expires 2019-06-26 22 People have applied Ref: JB1001854137 Source: TAMM

Job Description


Act as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and/or Subject Owner (SO) for developing training solutions to meet

specific Etihad Technical Training requirements in line with CAR/Part-147 regulations.

Analyse training requirements, conduct and evaluate Job Analysis (JA) and Gap Analysis (GA) in order to

generate TNA and in doing so identify training solutions which satisfy the needs of the Etihad Technical


Generate a Training Syllabus (TS) from the TNA or the direct stipulated requirements which supports the

training courses delivered by Etihad Technical Training.

Production of suitable and sufficient training course material for effective delivery of the subjects to Etihad

Technical Training requirements.

Deliver efficient and effective training in accordance with Etihad Technical Training policies and best


Act in the capacity of invigilator for examinations conducted by Etihad Technical Training.

Develop their own skills and subject knowledge base by methods such as observing colleagues and

attending training courses.

Ensure that Training Managers are kept informed as to the state of compliance of the organisation with

regards to CAR/Part-147.

Attend training and development meetings as required by MMT.

Complete registers, maintain records of students work, and maintain behavioral standards in the learning


Compile examination questions, as required by the EM, through the MMT for the Etihad Technical

training examination question database.


Hold an AML (Aircraft Maintenance Licence) Part-66/CAR 66 B1 or B2 (EASA, GCAA, ICAO Type 1), or an

aeronautical/electrical or mechanical engineering degree.

Have a minimum of three (3) years verifiable experience on Basic or aircraft Type training within an

approved maintenance training organisation.

Must have a minimum 5 years technical aviation training experience.






Job Details

Job Location Khalifa City, UAE
Company Industry Airlines/Aviation
Company Type Semi-Government
Job Role Engineering
Joining Date 01 August 2019
Employment Status Full time
Employment Type Permanent
Monthly Salary Range 30,000 - 33,000 AED
Number of Vacancies 1
Job Type Normal
Job Description Attachment Click here
Job Benefits NA
Job Code 1001854137/2019

Preferred Candidate

Years of Experience Min: 10 Max: 10
Nationality United Arab Emirates
Degree/Education level Bachelor
Minimum GPA for Major NA
Language English
Working hrs/day 9
Working days/week 5
Work Timings 0800

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